Avoid CMS Pitfalls

We don't like to dictate about which CMS people should use, but careful consideration is important when choosing the right Content Management System.

Some points to consider when choosing a Content Management System.

There are some great platforms out there to use for your website but careful consideration should be taken when deciding which platform will suit you best. It's all too easy to jump into the most popular one because you've seen the ads and heard how many people have built successful websites. But how easy is it and is are they really that good?

In fact the mere reason it's popular is possibly a red flag in itself. Read on to find out some of the less well documented downsides.

The Downside to Popularity

As with many things, the more of them there are the easier they are to hit, meaning they become a juicy target for evil beings and ne'er do wells. Of course every website on the Internet is vulnerable to hackers to some degree; having a custom website would mean that a hacker would need to target your website specifically. Depending on the install base of the CMS a hacker can potentially target millions of websites at once, so if the system has a security weakness then every website running on it will be vulnerable and will need to be continually updated to patch these vulnerabilities as they become apparent.


Most CMS platforms rely on plugins to add functionality. It could be a gallery or home page slideshow and it makes your website look great. Potential problems surface when these plugins require updating. Some may need updating every month, others not as much, an issue on open source platforms is that these plugins are written by thousands of different people, so there is no guarantee they will work with your theme or even be compatible with each other once an update has been installed. Couple this interdependence with the fact that security flaws can then creep in means you could be in a world of hurt rather quickly.

Final Word

To summarise, because a platform is popular doesn’t necessarily make it better or the right choice for you. In the end, the success of your website will come down to the competence and skill of your chosen designers and developers.

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