Website design & development

taking a website from concept to completion

As proficient designers and developers Aurora are in the enviable position of being able to design websites that we know will work in code and work very effectively.

The stages of taking a website from concept to completion can be broken down as follows:

Design phase

Initial concepts, layouts and designs are produced in Photoshop for your approval, however the process of perfecting every aspect of the design continues well into the development stage. We consider all devices during the design stage so that no ill-considered elements are introduced.

Because it’s the same guys who write the code and produce the ‘pretty visuals’, there is no risk of anything being ‘lost in translation’ – as so often happens between designers and developers.

We also spend time putting ourselves in your visitors shoes – creating a flow through the website to ensure that there is always a clear path to an outcome.

Development phase

If you have an existing website there will be no service interuption during the development phase. Aurora will create a temporary URL on which to build the new website. This allows all interested parties to see, immediately, what is happening and how far along in the process we are. That being said, there will be a degree of work that occurs offline - especially in the early stages.

Going Live

Once everyone is happy that the site is ready to go live, and has been tested across a range of devices and web browsers, the domain will be forwarded to the new website and the initial transition will be complete.

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