Social Media Integration

encourage visitor engagement

Social Media provides a number of opportunities to encourage visitors to engage with your brand / website, share with their friends and talk about what you are doing.

Social Media feeds are a great way of delivering dynamic content to the website. This not only gives a good reason to keep visitors returning but also helps with Search Engine Optimisation

Twitter Feed

A Twitter Feed can be introduced onto your website and has the added bonus of keeping your content fresh and updated in the eyes of Google.

Aurora will style your Twitter feed to reflect your branding / fonts / colours.

Instagram Feed

An Instagram feed is a great vehicle for delivering visual content immediately. Simply take a snapshot on your phone and 'hey presto', your website is automatically updated. How the images are presented is something that we have control over. For example, previously we’ve used a polaroid style surround to add a visual flourish to the thumbnail images. Instagram can also be used to deliver short video clips.

YouTube Feed

We can create a YouTube feed that draws from your YouTube channel. Any content uploaded to your YouTube channel automatically becomes available to view on your website. This is another potential avenue to deliver content to Google and raise the profile of the website from an SEO perspective.

Social Media Links

Simple links to all active Social Media channels as part of each page. New links can be added and existing links updated though our easy-to-use content management system.

Social Media Sharing

Encourage engagement with the website by offering social media sharing buttons to allow visitors to easily share content that they like / are interested in and drive more traffic.

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