What makes a good website?

What makes a good website? Content, design, user experience and ease of use are just a few of the elements...

Mobile Device Compatibility

More and more people use their mobile devices these days to access the Internet, Google themselves are even starting to serve mobile friendly websites above their desktop counterparts, so with this being said creating a mobile responsive website has become essential. Check to see if your website is mobile friendly with Google's Mobile Friendly Test.

Excellent content

Good usability and user experience is a must for website design, but most of the time it is undervalued or overlooked. With so many websites out there and the competition nipping at your ankles, having your website content easily accessible is a priority. If you have content in hard to find places users will be frustrated and more than likely go elsewhere for what they want.

Always put yourself in the users shoes, is your site easy to navigate, can you find what you want quickly, is your content relevant?

Browser Compatibility

Browsers these days are a lot better than they used to be, and generally all act in a similar way. But there are differences and if these are neglected then the user experience will drop off a cliff. Even websites of some of the most reputable companies can suffer from this problem due to neglect.

It is important to ensure your website appears and behaves consistently across all major browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Simple things like this set a professionally designed website apart from the rest.

Quick to load

Have you ever clicked on a link only for it to take a decade just to load in a picture? I bet you left within a few seconds? If you did this is a common problem. Nothing is more annoying for website visitors than a website that takes a long time to load. It's not the 80's anymore (sadly) and our modern world is fast paced, we want information in seconds not minutes. In fact, slow speed is one of the main reasons why visitors leave a website. Making sure your website loads within 4 to 6 seconds is important for good usability. It also affects your search engine ranking.

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